I am learning how to do this medium writing , so sorry if it does not look so perfect … here it goes !

If we try to put religion and ideologies and sacred secrets into our way of eating , we are comming a long way from the truth …there should be a reasonable way of understanding that , there is no short cut to health and miracles or silver bullets into it . Magic only occurs in Harry Potter´s movies or fiction.

We are humans , with a very complicated biology , but, in it self a miracle of life and for that we need to start eating nutrients , not just stuff that can be put in our mouth and pass through our troaths , full of bad fats,sugar , pesticides , zero nutrients , re- loaded with so much more including artificial flavors and textures. Is much more than calories in = calories out, or killing yourself on running all the marathons in the world , or be an Iron Man.

But , do not go to extremes eating with stricted dogmas, or following “in” trends , that can also leads us to frustration , panic or self punishment, because the goal is not met. Nobody is perfect.

Most people find it difficult to lose weight quickly because it requires a radical change in their lifestyle. But really it is the only way , there are no mid- half — ways of doing things, I know it sounds terrible , but has it ever work for you ?? be honest, deep in your heart, or just a yo yo up and down momentum — effects ?

There are so many diets out there , most of them FADS , or recomended by Hollywood Stars , Tv actors or influencers , but in this case follow the money , and you can find the short value of it ( the info )or the interests behind it . Money and fame can make you say anything .

Always walk the talk , that means always , not for only 5 minutes of glory.

Health can be achieved with mindfulness and being present, in our daily actions, enjoying the moment, reading a book , sleeping well,a small psysical activity or just consciousness, feeding ourselves with pleasure and love , and most of all it has to be delicious.

At the end you can keep hoping for the best…but really good chamges wont make you expect the worst… an old song playing in your head.

Fad diets will always be popular, easy, big lies , and new plans will continue to be created to address people’s desire to lose weight quickly,is part ofthe masive industry of money making through the food adictions of people, to make tons of money , for those who create it. Is a never ending promise with a real outcome of illness and death.

Although many so-called fad diets are unbalanced and don’t live up to their claims, there are several that actually do if you understand them of course and your own biology.

However, just because a diet is effective for weight loss doesn’t mean it is sustainable long-term , if it makes you suffer it aint for you.

To achieve and maintain your weight loss goal, it’s important to find a healthy way of eating that you enjoy, and can de followed for life, adapting yourself to this new century with co manu choices.

Health is not how much weight you loose and how fast, but of much life you can gain .

For that we have to start to de- bunking the myths of nutrition as a rocket science and use more of common sense .

Break the madness, the bucle cycle and rejoyce with new science ,learn to cook, share a meal with the family , look for recepies ….

Start with baby steps , eliminating some stuff out of your food and cleaning up your kitchen of small stuff like for example :

And then continue for your own search and bio individuality, and you will heal and succeedd …listen to your body .

We can all heal , tell me about it , i healed a lot …no more doctors for the last 5 years , at 49 i thrive to evolve everyday in a good happy way.

The first step to success is giving the first step….